Review: Me, My Dad, and The End of The Rainbow by Benjamin Dean.

Aww, what a great story!

Archie's Mum and Dad are getting a divorce, which is a tough situation for any kid. Then he finds out his Dad is gay and that is why they split up. Archie's character reacts in such a real way, he is quiet and unsure, which I feel is totally believable for a 12 year old. Older teens may get mad, shout, question everything, but Archie just wants everyone to be happy and things to stay the same so he doesn't express everything he thinks and feels.

As we go through the book we see his friendships, and relationships with his family, everyone is just so supportive and caring. It is really heartwarming. There are funny moments with his friends and parents that make you smile. Later when other LGBTQ characters appear they are accepted and loved by Archie and his friends which is so positive.

Perfectly written for a middle grade audience in a way they can not only understand and empathise, but feel reassured and positive if they see elements of themselves reflected in the characters.

Nothing but love for this book.

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