Review: What’s the T? By Juno Dawson

As a fan of Juno Dawson from both her YA novels and her other titles such as 'This Book is Gay' and 'The Gender Games' - her new book 'What's The T?' doesn't disappoint.

It is informative, helpful, optimistic, and funny but with a good dose of reality and some of the things that can downright suck too. I love this about Juno, she is HONEST, kind and supportive.
As a cisgender ally to the LGBTQ+ community Juno has taught me so much. This book has made me question things about my own gender identity (I've realised there is much about myself which is gender-nonconforming), made me think about how I can be a better ally and as a parent how best I could respond if one of my own children came out as trans. 

It is rare for me to re-read a book but I feel this may be one of the few exceptions, I feel that I should, and need, to read it again! Both because it is amazing and because I want to make sure I have truly taken in everything Juno has to say and understand it in the best way I can.

I hope this book finds it's way into as many hands of young trans people as possible.

Being a school librarian I will be purchasing this book for our shelves and promoting it to all students to read (to be fair it will probably not need promoting, Juno's books don't tend to stay on the shelves long, I may need two copies)!

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