Review: The Art of Death by David Fennell

Read over a weekend, could not get through it fast enough!

Incredibly well thought out and written, multiple twists, turns and surprises to keep the suspense high and the pace flowing.

Hooked right from the start with the depiction of the murderer. Presenting his narcissism and depraved mindset, alongside a high-intelligence – a set-up for a fatally enthralling state of affairs!

Alongside the main plotline there is the back story of DI Grace Archer. I thought this was portrayed perfectly, just enough information is given as the plot progresses to help you understand her stance but leaves enough to shock you later.

I plan to read the book again, more slowly, as I am sure there are clues and pointers that I missed along the way which I find fascinating, now knowing the outcome and identity of the killer.

Cannot wait to read more from David Fennell!

Thank you to Zaffre Books for sending the ARC.

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