School Library Wishlist: Books Added Jan 2021

As a school librarian, I thought I would share my school library wishlist with you.

All books shown have been added in January 2021 to my wishlist and will be purchased in the coming months (as funds allow).

Many of these have been added due to reading e-arcs on Netgalley, others through recommendations, or ones I have come across on my Twitter and Instagram feeds. Usually I would also have student requests, but as I am working from home at the moment I don’t have the same level of connection as normal, which is a great shame.

The majority of my purchases come from Peters (books for schools), as they come with plastic covers and Accelerated Reader details provided (if you purchase servicing). However, I am looking into supporting smaller/independent bookstores this year and am open to recommendations!

Please leave a comment or get in touch if you are a bookstore/bookseller that I could purchase from this year!

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