Review: The Wizard in My Shed by Simon Farnaby

‘Startfoams’ & ‘Instantgrannies’! (If you have read the book you’ll know!)

A charming, funny, and entertaining read.

Featuring time-travel, good vs. evil, and magic, what more could you ask for?

A wizard (or should that be Warlock), from 511 AD is thrown forward in time to the 21st Century with ‘caaaars’ and other confusing and mind-blowing inventions, at first he thinks he is in hell (sounds logical), but, then he meets Rose who comes to his aid. Together they embark on an adventure with a talking guinea pig (who happens to poo a lot) in order to get Merdyn (the Wizard/Warlock) back home. Magic spells and potions ensue, alongside encounters with a disgruntled librarian and the magical winner of ‘Britain’s Got Talented People’!

Underneath the hilarity run themes of grief, bullying, friendships, and family, which are touching inclusions.

The heart-warming ending leaves you feeling joyful and satisfied. ‘Gratium Autem Rosa Est.’

Highly recommend for a bit of light-hearted escapism.

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