Review: Harklights by Tim Tilley

I am joined by my 10 year old daughter, Georgia, for the review today.

Georgia won her proof copy of the gorgeous Harklights by Tim Tilley from Toppsta as part of one of their giveaways.

Spoiler alert!!

Georgia writes about the plot and has spoilers in her review.

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What happens? Are there any plot twists? Did you find the plot interesting?

Wick is an Orphan who lives in Harklights. He escapes and lives in the forest with the Hobs. He feels bad that he left Petal and wants to rescue her.

The plot twist was that the ‘monster’ was a machine ran by Padlock.

I found the plot interesting because I like books with orphanages and there was a lot of nature and we live next to some woods with squirrels and foxes.

Who are the main characters? Who was your favourite character and why?

Main characters are Wick, Papa Herne, Nissa, Nox, Petal and Old Ma Boggey.

My favourite is Nissa because she seems to be sassy.

Did you like the book? What was your favourite part? Why?

Yes, I love the book and my favourite part is when Old Ma Boggey went down the well and when Wick escaped.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Yes because it is very interesting! My friends will love it 🙂

A few words from mum – Harklights is a beautiful book (both visually with the illustrations, and the messaging in the text), providing a brilliant talking point about respecting and looking after nature. It teaches about love and family and helping others. A lovely read to share together.

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