Review: The Shape of Thunder by Jasmine Warga

The Staffroom Readers

The Shape of Thunder is beautiful and emotional.

Dealing with grief, loss, and guilt. Told from the different perspectives of Cora and Quinn. Both have lost their siblings on the same day, in the same incident. Yet the circumstances rip their friendship apart. As we see their stories unfold, we realise that whilst their situations are different, their feelings of anger and guilt are matched.

I resonated with these girls, for all they have been through they are still ‘regular’ 12-year-olds. I can remember thinking I can solve things myself, being with my friends thinking I could do magic and willing things to happen that of course never would.

Both girls have been through trauma and we see the support (or lack thereof) they are given in trying to cope and move forward. The book also touches on issues of identity and culture, gun ownership and absent parents. We see…

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