Review: Queen of All by Anya Leigh Josephs

I chose to read Queen of All as part of my personal quest to try new genres. I have always been in the ‘I don’t like fantasy camp’.

I was wrong.

Queen of All is a story of unrequited, deep, and selfless love, set on a backdrop of secrets, magic, and an evil Prince.

The plot moves at just the right pace, keeping you captivated and wanting more. I enjoyed the similarities and comparisons between the society within the book and that of the real world. How women can be objectified, belong to men, ‘affections’ can be traded for, and that they are expected to behave in certain ways.

I felt the story arc of Jena comprehending and coming to terms with her sexuality was done incredibly well, it was a gradual process, and I was touched that her Aunt Mae was able to offer her someone to talk to and show her compassion and understanding.

The author’s writing style is original and ingenious. The development of Sisi and Jena throughout the book and their ‘coming-of-age’ in terms of growing from girls to women is poignant. Whilst Sisi finds love and settles down ‘traditionally’ into her womanhood, Jena grows into her strength, independence, and spirit.

I cannot wait for book two to follow what happens next for Jena, I’m completely gripped!

Thank you, NetGalley and Zenith Publishing for the e-arc.

Author Bio

Anya Josephs was raised in North Carolina and now lives and works in New York City, where she teaches foster youth pursuing college degrees. When not working or writing, she can be found seeing a lot of plays, reading doorstopper fantasy novels, or worshipping her cat, Sycorax. Her writing can be found in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, The Green Briar Review, the Necronomicon Anthology, SPARK, UnLaced, Prouud2BeMe, The Huffington Post, Anti-Heroin Chic, and Poets Reading the News. Her debut novel, Queen of All, a fantasy for young adults, is forthcoming from Zenith Press.



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