Review: Killing Jericho by Will Harker


If you are looking for a murder mystery thriller that keeps you guessing till the very end this is it!

I have been a fan of this author’s YA novels and so initially was shocked at some of the language and content (had to remind myself this is a book for adults)! I was intrigued and a bit cautious as to whether I would enjoy this as much as the YA books. I needn’t have worried, it did not disappoint.

Gripping and enthralling, with little teases here and there, allusions as to where the main character’s thinking was wrong kept me guessing.

I loved the background and history of the case and how it intertwined with Scott Jericho’s life, how his past has affected him, and his abilities as a detective both positively (he has great intuition and is good at detective work) and negatively (he has major anger/aggression issues).

I am keen to see where life takes him from here, his relationships with his dad, Sal and Jodie, the fair, and of course Harry. I feel this is only the beginning of the Scott Jericho world!

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