Review – The Cookie: A story of friendship and food allergy, written and illustrated by Kath Grimshaw.


Laurie and Lewis are best friends. They share everything. Then one day, Lewis shares his cookie and Laurie has an allergic reaction.

Will their friendship ever be the same?

This story helps children understand allergies and learn how to keep themselves and their friends safe.


The Cookie: A story of friendship and food allergy is written by the very talented author and illustrator Kath Grimshaw.

A book about best friends, Lewis and Laurie, they have grown up together from babies, played together, and been taught to share. One day when Laurie forgets his snack Lewis is kind (he thinks) and shares his cookie with Laurie. Unfortunately, this results in Laurie experiencing an allergic reaction and he is taken to hospital.

Through the well thought out and well written story, we learn about what allergies are, what may happen when someone has an allergic reaction, and what to do to help. It is all explained very clearly, in a way for younger children to understand. The book also looks at the issues of bullying and being left out by your friends for being ‘different’. This is great for prompting discussion around friendships, inclusion, and having empathy for others.

I particularly liked a page near the end for parents, teachers, and carers (see pic below). It contains key teaching points and facts for grown-ups to help utilise the book to the fullest.

The illustrations are bright, bold, and fun, making the reading experience even more enjoyable for children.

This is an important and powerful story that should be shared in primary schools with all students. I know in the past few years my husband (a KS1 teacher) has had several students with various allergies in his class and this would help to build awareness with classmates and explain certain students are not able to share the cupcakes brought in on birthdays, end of term parties etc.

Thank you to Kath Grimshaw and Little Green Elephant Books for sending me the copy to review.

Food Allergies

Food allergies affect 3-6% of children in the developed world. That’s one child in every classroom. If you would like to find out more, there are several charities and organisations that offer excellent information.


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