Review: The Momentous Expiration of Tremmy Sinclair by Michael F. Stewart


Seventeen years old. Rich. Hot. Captain of the Drone War team. Head prefect of a surreally elite boarding school. Tremmy is dying.

His illness strips everything from him­—­including the support of his teachers and friends who once nurtured his bright future. Worst of all, his best friend’s meteoric rise has come at the expense of Tremmy’s spectacular fall. Far from going out with the bang he’d hoped for, Tremmy faces betrayal.

But his illness has the power to expose the best as well as the worst of his school, his friends, and himself. Tremmy sets out to prove that the community he loves has to overcome its fear of death in order to truly begin to live. And Tremmy receive the momentous end he so fervently desires. 


Whoa. This book is intense. So many themes were looked at alongside the main story of Tremmy and his untreatable brain tumour. Death, Assisted Dying, Privilege, Bullying, Consent, Justice.

At first, it took me a little while to get into, these rich privileged kids acting like complete knobs – ugh! But that is the point, to try to understand Tremmy’s feelings and decisions you have to see where he has come from, where his friends still are.

Tremmy’s interactions with his friends, and in particular Jenkins and Margot, really make you stop and think. They are deep, intelligent, and revealing of their privilege or lack thereof. His relationship with his parents is evocative and emotional.

As Tremmy reflects on his previous actions and behaviours you can see why he behaves as he does now with his diagnosis.

I enjoyed (is that the right word for this book?) the plot, it is poignant and powerful, the ending whilst incredibly sad is spectacular!

Prepare to have your heartbroken and be inspired at the same time.

Thank you to Netgalley and The Publishing House for the e-arc to review.

Author Bio

Michael F. Stewart is an award-winning author of many books for young people in various genres, including Ray Vs. the Meaning of Life, Heart Sister, and the forthcoming The Momentous Expiration of Tremmy Sinclair. (Summer 2021). Michael lives in Ottawa.

To learn more about Michael and his next projects visit his website at or connect via Twitter @MichaelFStewart.

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