Book Tour: You Brand a Manual for Confidence by Julia Goodman. @Juliagoodman4 @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours 

I am delighted today to be taking part in the Book Tour for

You Brand a Manual for Confidence by Julia Goodman.


A manual for Confidence will help you develop your unique voice and you self-belief as a communicator, by uniting head, heart and body. Rooted in the psychology and techniques of the professional theatre, the You Brand method will teach you the craft of ‘performing yourself’ – wherever you are. 


This is a different book from the kind I ‘normally’ read, but I found myself smiling and nodding in agreement with much of the content as I read.

The book contains great advice, I loved that there are practical activities to do! The chapters are easy to follow and I liked that you can dip in and out, a chapter/step at a time, it is probably best to read over a length of time and truly involve yourself in the teachings and techniques before moving on.

For anyone that wants to be able to be more confident at presenting themselves in meetings, conferences, etc then this book is for you!

My biggest takeaway from reading the book is that it is ok to be you! You don’t need to try and change aspects of yourself to get everyone to like you. Some people will, some people won’t. I feel that even just accepting that is a step forward and progression for me.

Author Bio

Julia Goodman set up Personal Presentation Ltd in 1989 after a European tour playing Lady Macbeth. She had the idea while lying in the bath , contemplating how to keep her head above water in a major recession as a divorced single mother of two children. She was surviving – when not working – on £90 a week social security. Within three years PPL had become a world leader in communication coaching. 


Book Tour Organized by:

Thank you Kelly & Meggy for inviting me to take part.

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