Book Tour Review: A Tale of Wonderful Whiffs by Sophie Loosveldt #ATaleOfWonderfulWhiffs @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Welcome to my spot on the Book Tour for

A Tale of Wonderful Whiffs by Sophie Loosveldt!


This is the story of little Sophie and Pugini.

Everyday adventures of whiffs and wonders.

Together they explore the mystery and beauty of the natural world.

There is more to life than meets the eye. With a heart full of hope and a furry friend overflowing with love little Sophie ventures on a bright journey into the magic of every new day.

We are surrounded by Secret Agents helping us understand that love is all and we are all part of it.  Never alone, but all one.


I love this book on two levels.

Firstly, on a fairly superficial level, it is an excellent, ‘general’ children’s book. Funny and engaging with bright, colourful, gorgeous illustrations by Isabella Crocker. You can look at the pictures for hours, they are so detailed! Pugini goes about his daily life, and little adventures, snorting and tooting (hilarious to little ones, and tricky for grown-ups to read without a giggle too)!

Then, secondly, the messaging.
We are all part of the universe, part of nature, and how magical this is. There is so much love to be found everywhere and how important it is to give love as well. The contentment to be found from sitting outside and taking time to just breathe. That nature looks after us and provides for us, we need to remember to eat healthily and responsibly too! We see the special, trusting, bond between humans and pets and how much joy they can bring to our lives, that unconditional love they provide and we should cherish.

Scattered throughout the story there are some questions to ponder on, which is great for beginning discussions with children around some of the aspects in the book.

I was left feeling uplifted, with a sense of hope and an urge to get outside and breathe.

I enjoyed sharing this book with my three year old who loved the fart jokes, but I am now passing it on to my ten year old, who I feel will benefit from the messaging. Spanning all ages, this book is one I recommend for everyone to enjoy.

Author Bio

Sophie Loosveldt

I am a control freak by nature, which suits me very well as an air traffic controller at Gatwick. I would have never classified myself as creative. Having moved from Belgium to London, opening my horizons, I now realise we all are; naturally inventive, expressive and imaginative.

All children are born with this creative seed waiting to sprout. It took a long time for my seed to crack and for me to bloom into myself.

It is important to allow yourself to dream and have trust in the world. As a late bloomer I have a strong desire to empower all children, so they can grow and learn to express themselves freely. Our inner child never forgets about the magic of our world. It is the keyto connect to the present moment and to not get stuck inside our heads.

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Thank you Kelly & Meggy for inviting me to take part in this tour.

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