Review: Getting By by Jaire Sims.


Carver Goodman dreams of becoming a photographer; but first he needs to graduate from high school. He spends his junior year worried about the same things that affect his peers—things like taking the ACT, bullying, and falling in love for the first time—but Carver’s situation is a bit different, because he’s beginning to suspect that he’s gay. As he struggles to understand himself in terms of his sexuality and how he fits into the world, he learns a lot about who he is and finds the strength to overcome the challenges life throws his way.

Getting By is a touching and poignant coming-of-age novel that will resonate with any person who has ever felt like he doesn’t quite fit.


Getting By is a lovely Own Voices debut novel by Jaire Sims.

The character of Carver is intriguing as we learn about his life, interactions with the world, and other people. His story opens up the world of ASD in a very honest and forthright way. We can see his experiences through his eyes and can put ourselves in his shoes. There is great empathy building for his character.

We see Carver struggle with aspects in his life when it comes to sexuality, romance, and relationships. I felt an emotional connection to him through the story which kept me wanting to read on.

The plot is incredibly realistic and you can tell that real-life experiences have been used as a basis for the book.

The only issue I had whilst reading was at times the dialogue between characters was plain, straightforward, and matter-of-fact. A little stilted. However, I believe this is due to the author’s real-life experiences, and actually when framed as such adds to the impact of the book and Carver’s story.

Thank you so much to Jaire Sims and Cristina Deptula for sending me the ebook to review.

Author Bio

Jaire Malik Sims was born and raised on the far southwest side of Chicago. Even at a young age, Jaire was not known for his talkative behavior. He was able to make casual friends in elementary school and high school, but he never succeeded in making those friendships close or intimate. 

Sims strived to get good grades and often made the Honor List in elementary school. He was a straight “A” student in high school and became class valedictorian.Although Sims excelled at grades in high school, his difficulty with socializing began to manifest as a teenager. Due to his quiet nature and frequent experiences with social anxiety, Jaire was an easy target to teasing and bullying during his adolescence. His difficulties with socializing during his college years subsequently led him to see a clinical professional counselor and take a mental health assessment. While twenty-one, and a junior in college, Jaire was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. A year later, he graduated from Monmouth College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.


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