Review: Know My Place by Eve Ainsworth


A teenager’s longing for family and a place to call home is poignantly portrayed in this heartfelt and ultimately uplifting story of life in the foster-care system.

Feeling betrayed when her long-term foster placement breaks down, Amy is sent to live with a new family, the Dawsons. Although initially reluctant to trust them, she eventually starts to let down her guard. But just when it seems like she’s found her forever family, she hears a telephone call that suggests things aren’t going to work out. Will Amy be abandoned again – or does she dare hope that she might finally have found home?


I’ve wanted to read Know My Place since I first heard about it a few months ago. Having previously fostered teenagers I was intrigued to find out more about the plot.

I found Amy’s story to be heartbreaking, but ultimately realistic given her background, and I was so happy for the positivity included from her new placement and carers. I know only too close to home that positive outcomes aren’t always the case, placements do break down (such as the situation with Amy and the Gibsons). I hope that this book may be a beacon of hope to those within the foster care system that read it and provide others with a good base knowledge to build empathy and understanding.

Identity and loss are major issues for teens in foster care, these topics were handled so well in Eve’s writing, even down to the smaller details of not having many personal items or clothes to take with them and not wanting to settle and become comfortable in case they have to move again. The issues of trust, building relationships, belonging, and navigating through a somewhat turbulent life were written sensitively and realistically.

As with other books published by Barrington Stoke, this book is super readable, the plot flows at a nice pace, it is a quick, engaging read.

I highly recommend this as an addition to any school library or classroom. I plan to purchase a copy for our library and shall be gifting my review copy to a student who has asked me many times for more books about ‘kids in foster care like her’. I know she will absolutely love this book.

Thank you so much to Barrington Stoke for sending me the copy to review.

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