Exploring books from Lion Hudson (Christian Publisher) – My Thoughts.

For anyone that may not be familiar with Lion Hudson, they are a Christian Book Publisher, and their tagline is ‘Quality literature true to the Christian faith’.

They have very kindly sent me two books recently to review, ones I chose, that specifically stood out to me.

Let’s jump in…

First up is The Lion Storyteller Book of Family Values, Over 30 world stories with links to Bible verses and engaging discussion ideas written by Mr. Bob Hartman and illustrated by Ms. Krisztina Kallai Nagy.

The first thing that hit me was the quality of the book, from the cover and endpapers to the pages themselves, they feel special.

Each story in the book is accompanied by questions, discussion and reflection points, as well as bible links. These work really well in helping children to think of, and apply, the aspects of the stories in their own lives in regards to consequences of your actions as well as building empathy and respect for others.

The stories look at establishing good relationships, treating others well, perseverance, responding to bullying, team-working and many other values which are excellent learning points for younger children.

I feel there is a lot to be gained from children reading this book, if you are religious and want to make use of the Bible links that is great, but if not this is still a wonderful book to allow children to explore morals and values, right and wrong, and how to be a respectful, kind member of society.

The illustrations are simple, cute, and have a traditional feel which I think adds to the sentiments of the stories by being not being overly flashy or showy.

It makes for a lovely, calming, afternoon-snuggle-time read with your children.

Next is Bedtime Prayers illustrated by Antonia Woodward.

Again, the first thing that strikes me with this little book is the quality, you can feel it as you hold the book and turn the pages. At the front is a to and from page, which can be filled in if you are gifting the book to someone.

Inside the book are short, easy-to-learn prayers for bedtime.

For me and my children, this book is an excellent way to reflect on the day at bedtime. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for the last year and trying to be more mindful on a day-to-day basis, this book is a lovely introduction to this practice for kids. To look at all you have to be thankful for, show gratitude for your blessings, recognising all the good in the world, thinking of others, and feeling positive for the next day.

My favourite prayer within the book is Blessings for the Night, I have memories of my dear Grandma singing this to me at bedtime as a small child.

The illustrations of family life, friends, and animals are gorgeous.

Both books feel so special, there is a calming comfort that comes from reading them, whether you are religious or not. They are the sort of books that could be passed down through families for generations as they are timeless in their wisdom and gentle nature.

Thank you so much to Lion Hudson for sending me these books, they will be read and treasured in our family for many years to come, simply stunning.

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