Publication Day Blitz! The Killing Pledge by Eric Neher. @CayellePub @ENeherFiction @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Today I am happy to be taking part in the Publication Day Blitz for

The Killing Pledge by Eric Neher.


A killer is loose in a small town in Oklahoma, and Sam, the Second-Hand-Man, wants him. Sam is an ancient immortal creature who feeds off the misery he creates. At first, the choice seems obvious; a kid with a stolen gun has decided to make the community pay for the suicide of his father. Sam wants to help his young protégé succeed but is soon disappointed. Unfortunately for Sam, he is not the only one in town who doesn’t belong. A man had returned after losing his life in a tornado. This man, along with the help of an emotionally scarred police chief, must stop Sam before he can find and recruit a mysterious hidden killer. The future of the world will depend on it.

Sounds like it is really creepy and disturbing!

Book Blitz Organised by:

Thank you to Kelly and Meggy for inviting me to take part.

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