Blog Tour Review: There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story by Lou Carter, illustrated by Deborah Allwright.


The Big Bad Wolf is late AGAIN and is ruining stories as he rushes through the forest to Grandma’s house. When the Three Little Pigs get seriously grumpy AGAIN, Wolf tells them he’s had ENOUGH. There will be no more HUFFING and PUFFING from this Big Bad Wolf. The fairytale characters aren’t worried – they can totally manage without him!

But Big Bad Wolfing is harder than it looks . And what happens when they realise that they really need a Big Bad Wolf in this story?

From the pairing behind the fabulously funny and internationally bestselling There Is No Dragon In This Story comes another hilarious story featuring your favourite fairytale characters as you’ve never seen them before!



A hilarious take on the life of the Big Bad Wolf of fairytale fame. Tired of trying to be in two places at once he quits! It is then that everyone realises how much they need him and how hard he works, not even Dragon can replace him. They need him back, after pleading with him Wolf comes back and no-one takes him for granted anymore, they help him out instead.

I loved this story, the attitude from the wolf, the drama and the peril of not knowing how to fix the situation are great. Seeing well known characters from traditional fairytales and putting a new spin on things is really entertaining and funny to read. The illustrations really add to the comedy within the story, the text and images work seamlessly together, intertwined throughout. I read the book to my 3 year old son who asked for it again, and again! He was also a fan of There is No Dragon In This Story so I’m not surprised he enjoyed this one too. My husband overheard us and is going to get a copy to read with his year 1 class in September as he thinks it is great as well! We are big fans in our family, would highly recommend for all little ones!

Author Bio

Lou Carter worked as a primary school teacher before turning her hand to writing picture books. She is the author of the bestselling There Is No Dragon in This Story, and There Is No Big Bad Wolf in This Story. She lives in Cambridge. Find Lou on Twitter @LouCarter240.

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