Favourites from July…

Hellooo, I have decided to start a monthly favourites post because some books I just can’t sing loudly enough about!

Here are five I read during July and LOVED.

First up is Guilt by Michelle Kidd. It is so heart-wrenching and gripping, edge of your seat stuff!

Next is The Memory Thieves by Darren Simpson. A fresh and exciting middle-grade novel full of mystery and peril, excellent if you want something ‘a bit different’ and ‘new’ in the world of children’s books.

Up next is the dear CECILY by Annie Garthwaite. Cecily Neville is close to my heart as my 18 times great-grandmother. This book brought me so much joy, it is vivid, exciting and powerful.

Next is The Amazing Edie Eckhart by Rosie Jones. Edie is amazing, as is Rosie’s writing, full of humour, with an excellent pre-teen voice. Brilliant themes around disability, sexuality, friendships and relationships.

Lastly, is With Face Aflame by A.E. Walnofer. Set in England in 1681 we see Madge undergo a coming of age story and adventure, it is a real page turner and at just over 200 pages an excellent quick read.

Looking forward to my August favourites, SO many to choose from already!

Thanks for reading, K 🙂

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