Brianna Bourne’s Playlist Tour #TeamEndOfTheWorld

Today I am thrilled to be on Brianna Bourne’s playlist tour for her new book You & Me at the End of the World. I absolutely loved the book and you can find my review here.

Hey readers!

Thank you so much Katrina for having me on your blog today!

Instead of the usual author Q&A, I’m doing something a little unconventional – I’m sharing songs from the playlist I put together for You & Me at the End of the World. Music is so important to both of my main characters: Hannah, who is an elite ballet dancer, and Leo, who plays guitar and fronts an 80s rock cover band.

Here are three of the songs from the playlist!

1. Taylor Swift – “Mirrorball”

Something about these lyrics remind me of Hannah’s overall vibe, and I just love the lyrics “I’ll show you every version of yourself tonight.”

In the empty city, Hannah and Leo really get to try on versions of themselves that they wouldn’t have been able to explore if life had kept ticking along as usual. They get to explore who they really want to be – and what they want to be to each other.

2. Romeo and Juliet – “Dance of the Capulets”

Even though Hannah is a “music-box perfect” ballerina, she has a darker side too. When Leo prods her to list herfavorite songs, she names Dance of the Knights and Carmina Burana’s O Fortuna – about as dark and heavy as you can get in classical music.

I worked as a stage manager for ballet companies for many years (which is probably why I chose to make Hannah a dancer), and I used to LOVE standing backstage and listening to the live orchestra as they played this one. It literally shook the ground.

3. Van Halen – “Ain’t Talking Bout Love”

It’s not an 80’s Hair playlist without Van Halen. The lead singer of this band, David Lee Roth, is totally wild, and was a huge influence on Leo’s music and personality.

Coincidentally, Hannah has a stuffed sloth called David Lee Sloth, because her dad was an OG 80s Hair fan. Leo loves it that Hannah’s familiar with his favorite artists.

* * *

This is part of a four-part tour, so join us tomorrow on A Genuine Opinion’s Instagram page to grab another three songs and learn a little more about the book!

– Bri

Link to playlist:

More info:

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