Review: Blossom by Laura Dockrill


Blossom has grown up surrounded by the beautiful plants and flowers from her family’s market stall. The stall was started by her grandparents, Tutu and Pops, and passed on to Blossom’s parents after their death. It’s a magical place where customers come to find flowers for all occasions: from celebrating love to offering comfort in times of sorrow. But now the stall is at risk, with tension rising as Blossom’s parents argue about the future. Can Blossom call on the lessons she learned from Tutu and find a way to cope with the dramatic changes that are happening around her. Can she save the flower stall?


Blossom is a beautiful, heartwarming story about a young girl and her family’s market stall.

We see the aptly named Blossom experience a range of changes in her life. She loses both her paternal grandparents in a short space of time, meaning her father inherits the family market stall. This brings turmoil to her parent’s lives as they take over running it, Blossom and her dad want to follow in her grandparents’ footsteps, but her mum has her own ambitions. We see Blossom worry about what this could mean for the future of both the business and her family unit. Blossom has to learn how to cope with loss and change, and she goes through a range of emotions as the story progresses.

Written beautifully to be accessible for young readers and yet still with a sophisticated style.

This is a wonderful story, full of love, compassion, care, as well as learning to understand other people’s points of views and wishes.

Thank you to Barrington Stoke for sending me a copy to review!

Author Bio

Laura Dockrill is an author, illustrator and performance poet. She is the author of Carnegie Medal-nominated YA novel Lorali and the Darcy Burdock series for younger readers, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2014. Laura grew up in Brixton and still lives in London.

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