Review – In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court by Alison Weir.


Behind every great king stands a queen. And behind every queen, the whole court watches on…

Over the years of his reign, six different women took their place beside King Henry VIII of England as his wife and queen.

But the real stories of the six Tudor queens belong to those who lived among them. Played out in glittering palaces and whispering courts, these are tales of the people who loved and served these women, and those who lied and betrayed them.

Collected together for the first time, In the Shadow of Queens reveals thirteen startling stories from the Tudor court, told by those at the very heart of that world.

Groundbreaking truth. Breathtaking fiction.


This book has left me aching for more! I’ve only recently got into HF from the Tudor period, and now I am obsessed!

I loved that this was a collection of short stories, you get all the action from each plotline in a relatively short timeframe, which I enjoyed. My favourites from the book are The Chateau of Briis, The Curse of the Hungerfords, The Princess of Scotland, The Wicked Wife and The Queen’s Child. I was enthralled with each story and enjoyed seeing events from each individual’s perspective. It was also helpful to have the section at the start explaining a bit about each of Henry VIII’s wives, as well as what is truth, based on truth, and pure fiction.

The author’s ability to portray the inner thoughts and emotions of the characters really bonds you to them and makes it an immersive read. 

I haven’t yet read Alison Weir’s Six Tudor Queens series, but I will now, they shall be my next book purchases! I will also read each of these short stories again as they coincide with each book, is it a bit nerdy of me to say that makes me very excited with anticipation?!

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher Headline for the e-arc to review.

Author Bio

Alison Weir is a British writer of history books for the general public, mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and queens, and of historical fiction. Before becoming an author, Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs. She received her formal training in history at teacher training college. She currently lives in Surrey, England, with her two children.

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