Review: Science Geek Christy and her Eco Logbook by Petra Crofton


Meet Christy a determined young girl, who is passionate about saving the planet.

Along with her boyfriend geeky Sam and best friend Amira and other school mates, they win a science competition and an opportunity to travel to Ecuador to write travel blogs. Excitement and anticipation for the trip is overshadowed by a HUGE dilemma for conscientious Christy. Can they get there in an eco-friendly way? Will she have to miss out on a trip of a lifetime to see the wildlife and experience the culture of Ecuador because of her principles? How best can she do her part to care for God’s creation? After finding a brilliant solution, once in Ecuador, Christy and her fellow adventurers discover the trip is not all that it seems! 

A gripping adventure for any child passionate about wildlife of the rainforest, endangered ecosystems and being a responsible eco-warrior.


An inspiring children’s book, looking at the enormously prevalent topic of the environment and climate change.

There is so much for readers to learn from this book. I loved that within the story it explored the misunderstandings around climate change (including deniers) and also misinterpretations of the Bible about God’s plans and intentions. The underlying theme is that we need to care for our planet, start taking responsibility and being good citizens of Earth.

I found the characters are likeable and relatable, the plot is compelling and interwoven with humour and fun.

I look forward to sharing this with the students in our eco group at school.

Author Bio

Petra Crofton is a biologist and philosopher who has worked with the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and A Rocha, in Portugal, France and other countries. She leads outdoor children’s and youth work at her local church in Gloucester and runs environmental education activities in the community and at primary schools. She has translated and adapted books like Science Geek Sam and his secret logbook and Crackle and Pop. Petra loves outdoor adventures: climbing UK mountains and the Alps, and cycling in the Netherlands, where she is originally from. She is the author and illustrator of Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook.

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