Review: Following Frankenstein by Catherine Bruton


A brilliantly-conceived and hugely imaginative ‘sequel’ to Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, Following Frankenstein is a hugely exciting and beautifully-written historical adventure, perfect for 9-12 year olds.

Sometimes I was jealous of the monster of Frankenstein. I grew up believing my father cared more for him than he did for me. And was I wrong?

Maggie Walton’s father has dedicated his life to a single pursuit: hunting down the monster created by Victor Frankenstein. It has cost Maggie and her family everything – and now her father is staking everything on one last voyage to the Arctic, with Maggie secretly in tow, where he hopes to find the monster at last.

But there they make a shocking discovery: Frankenstein’s monster has a son…

A breath-taking, epic adventure, spanning the icy wastes of the Arctic Tundra to the vaudeville circus of New York, from the award-winning author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria and Another Twist in the Tale. 


What a fantastic concept, taking the classic story of Frankenstein and making a fun sequel for younger readers!

I found this to be a gripping adventure, seeing Maggie travel to the Arctic and across America, learning about new places and cultures on her way, in the effort of keeping her new friend Kata safe from those that wish to exploit and harm him.

There is a major theme throughout the book of showing kindness and respecting difference. We see the prejudice faced by many people because of race, disability, mental and physical difference.
We also see the effects of mental health, not only on the person but also their family and their life in general. The pains of loneliness, and the importance of family (often ‘found’ family) and friendship.

I loved the relationships between the characters with the messages of love and acceptance. The story itself is fast-paced and full of action making it a fantastic page-turner. A great introduction to the story of Frankenstein, which will inspire readers to explore further and find out more.

With many literary references, this book appeals to adults and children alike. I will be buying a copy for our library and recommending it to all.

Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending me the copy to review.

Author Bio

I am a children’s author and teacher living just outside Bath with my husband and our two children. After studying English at Oxford University, I went on to teach in Africa before returning to the UK where I have been juggling life as mum, novelist and teacher ever since. I am hugely inspired by the amazing young people I have the privilege to teach and believe in the power of stories to open young readers’ eyes, widen their horizons, expand their capacity for empathy, enrich their hearts and switch on lightbulbs in their heads!

Twitter: catherinebruton

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