Book Tour: Bob The Bear’s Adventures by Alice Chambers.


Bob the Bear tries to hide in Alice’s garden but is always discovered… and seems to love climbing more than hiding! Please join Bob the Bear on his hiding expeditions and see if you can find him! He is sure to bring a smile and a giggle for both little ones and big ones when playing hide and seek.


This a wonderfully charming picture book for little ones!

I love that the story is inquiry-based, in conversation form, asking questions and looking for things in the pictures. The pictures are real-life photos which is lovely, it could be anyone’s teddy in anyone’s garden which makes it incredibly relatable and tangible for children. There is humour and silliness which is always a good thing in books for toddlers, my son (aged 4) asked me to read the book to him several times in a row, giggling every time. I love the last page asking for the recall of where Bob has been, prompting an important skill for children to practice as they increase their memory and comprehension with books and reading.

Thank you to Literally PR for inviting me to take part in the tour today.

Alice Chambers has always loved little ones and went to  Teacher’s Training college, after which she ran a kindergarten and taught six year olds in West London. Alice started writing children’s stories over 43 years ago, including a book called  Scratch McPatch and Sniff McWhiff. 

Twitter: @StoriesbyAlice

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