Review: Farringdon’s Fate by Linda Finlay

One noble family. Five eligible daughters. A sealed fate.

Nettlecombe Manor, nestled in the rolling hills of Devon, is home to the Lord Farringdon and his second wife, Lady Charlotte. As if running the vast estate wasn’t enough, Lord Farringdon has five daughters to keep him busy. Lady Charlotte is determined that the betrothal of the eldest, Louisa, should be celebrated with a ball which is the envy of Devon society and summons a corsetière from Exeter to measure them up for new corsets.  

Apprentice Jane Haydon arrives at Nettlecombe to do the fittings. Having never set foot in such a grand home, Jane is disturbed to hear tell of a gypsy’s curse which has haunted the family for generations, and a local wise woman’s vision that there will never be a wedding at Nettlecombe… 


Farringdon’s Fate is an effortless read, the writing flows and encapsulates you in the world and era.

I found myself warming to each character (other than Lady Farringdon as she is shallow and highly irritating). They have their own stories to tell and intertwine to bring the story to life.

I was most drawn to Jane, she is easy to empathise with and I was keen to see where things went for her as the book went on.

This is the first book I have read that doesn’t seem to feature a main character, which was interesting. From the cover and the blurb I had thought that either Jane or one of the Farringdon daughters was the main focus but each person seemed to have their own sub-plots which tie in and converge together.

Whilst I enjoyed the book and the plot as a whole, I have to admit to being quite confused initially as to whose story I was reading about, as I mentioned each character has their own storyline which was unexpected. Once I got used to this I really liked and enjoyed seeing each character’s journey and how they interacted and affected each other. There is ongoing torment in both Jane and Lord Farringdon’s lives, with romances and social issues, plus some drama and a sad twist towards the end which I didn’t see coming.

This is a lovely story that comes together to be very interesting and captivating. I would gladly read Linda Finley’s other books and would recommend this one to fans of this type of Historical Fiction.

Thank you to HQ Stories for inviting me to take part in the tour.

Author Bio

Linda Finlay was brought up in Surrey and as a child loved creating stories. She won a competition run by the Leatherhead Advertiser then foolishly declined their offer of a job as a trainee reporter (oh, the ignorance of youth!) Married with two children, making up stories was a highlight of their upbringing.

Trained as an Image Consultant, she has an avid interest in people especially the synergy between appearance and perception, especially the effect this has on self esteem. A move to the spectacular Devonshire coast combined with her passion for local history inspired her to write her Victorian sagas while her training enables her to create the vivid, colourful characters she so enjoys writing about. She is a shameless eavesdropper – so beware your conversations might not be as private as you think!

Linda has just begun her tenth novel set against the rich West Country background and incorporating a traditional local craft. As she has done with her previous books, she is busy learning the craft in order to understand what she is writing about!

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